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Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

Too many so called 'powerful' content management systems (CMS) are confusing or far too complicated for business people who don't want to take classes or customize their site design on their own - that's what they come to us for! What we've learned since the dawn of CMS is that our clients are busy enough running their business and they want simple. There are a number of important things that they need an ability to update and the faster they can do it, the more intuitive (sensible) it is, the better.

We design the website and integrate customized programming that is tailored to the specific use of our clients. We ask a lot of questions, give them a solution and ask them to test it; then we adjust it so that it fits exactly right and we let them fly with it.

Our CMS allows you to add pages to your website, edit them much like you would edit a document in Microsoft Word, delete them, or hide them while you work on them. You can upload images and store them, embed movies, upload and link to files, manage your metatags, title your pages, and arrange the navigation position and order!

With our modular systems you can turn on or off little boxes of information; perhaps a news or events box, choose from a set of advertisements for other pages on your site or items in your store, present your newest employee, decide how many calendar events to put up, show a contact box, or otherwise choose from all the programming parts of your website to make each page a special work tailored for that audience.

And on the backend you'll find it easy to review all the submissions to the forms, all the items in your store, all the items sold and so much more with very little digging and no confusion; only a clean and simple window with everything you need to know right there out in the open and easy to find.


Want to hear more?

We know you would like us to make this easy for you and we would be happy to do just that so we encourage you to give us a ring and schedule a short visit to take a real look at how this works and then decide if it is right for you. Contact us here or call (225) 336-5444.