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Go to Google and try a search for 'physicians baton rouge' and see if you don't run head on into our client, The Baton Rouge Clinic. You'll find them as well for most any medical practice or surely any of the doctors that work there. And if you try looking for a retirement community in this town you're sure to find right up front our client, St. James Place. How about somebody small? Look for a patent attorney in Fresno and you'll see Sierra IP Law on page one at the top. A 'landscape design' query brings up our own Makaira Landscape on page one and 'baton rouge tennis court installation' produces our friends at No Fault. Need home remodeling in Baton Rouge, Home360 is the top result! 

Even in the highly competitive field where you would expect the SEO experts to provide fierce competition you'll find us on page one for baton rouge website deign, website development and logo design which are our target groups.

These are real results you can measure yourself as they relate to those of our clients that followed a few simple guidelines that we suggested - and these same clients were at one time or another almost impossible to find! But here's the thing you really need to hear - most of these results came without any additional cost whatsoever! They are the result of following some basic guidelines and that's about all.

We know enough to believe that your website development doesn't really need to go to all that trouble and expense to get good rankings - after all, isn't that what Google's job? To index the websites and put the best answers at the top? Does it make sense that they can be fooled for any length of time?

We will absolutely optimize your website using best practices. We'll give you good, clean code and we'll encourage you with guidelines on how to adjust your content and tag your images so the truth about your website will be known. And we'll encourage you with ideas on how to enhance your content, link up with social media, connect with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, and a few more common-sense, simple methods to lend all the validity possible to your website rankings. We will even work out a plan to efficiently build your content to make sure that you are eligible for certain site-specific queries. But we will not suck the life out of your budget with endless SEO optimization nonsense - we simply don't believe in it.

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