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Logo Design and Business Stationery in Baton Rouge

If you don't have a computer then your cousin Bobby certainly does, and on that computer is a plethora of fonts and some clip art and even a program that lets you put these things together, so why would you pay us a thousand dollars to put your logo together! To put it gently, it's easy to tell which logos were done on cousin Bobby's computer. But more to the point, your business image in the public eye hinges on this single graphic element! And so the cost of having your logo professionally designed pays for itself as more and more customers identify with your mark.

Our specialty is the ability to create a broad spectrum of logo styles so that the final product really fits your company whether your an up-and-coming digital entrepreneur or an established business that speaks to the roots of a community. We understand the requirements of a complete advertising and marketing campaign and we set your company off on the right foot to make those things possible. Our logos look good the size of a postage stamp or an interstate billboard, not too detailed, complicated or rough around the edges. Streamlined for precise rendering, optimized for best reproduction costs, produced to conform to transmutation and fit any digital format. When it comes to logos we know digital and we're very retentive!!

All our designs are submitted in color and black-and-white versions for use in various printing situations. We provide gifs, jpegs, tiffs or eps versions upon request for your convenience. And we can recommend printers who will accept the electronic files via the web. All logos are finished in Adobe Illustrator, vector format, for the highest quality reproduction possible at any size.

PureGuard Quality Petroleum Product Logo Design Stationery Design for Louisiana Solar Works in Baton Rouge Illustrated Logo Design for Southside Produce in Baton Rouge

Graphic Logo Design

The Designsmith is dedicated to creating a complete business image and we offer logo design or re-design as part of a business stationery package that could cost you as little as $1,500. This basic package includes the logo, business card, letterhead and envelope design mechanicals so your whole new look is coordinated.

Stationery Mechanicals

Our digital stationery package comes with a design for the letterhead, envelope and business card that can be brought to most any printer in the world. Your printer can also arrange for multiple copies with different addresses, names and more using the files that we send them.

Illustrated Logo

At times the design can't really come off without our illustrators going to work to develop art which requires specialized talent - cartoon, for example. The illustrated logo package is the same as the basic package with an additional fee for the illustration, generally $250 to $500 extra.

Yardsigns and Corporate Tags:

We can also take your logo and make a sign out of it or use it to develop additional corporate images and tags:

Logo Design on Poly Signboard


Email us a copy of your logo or logo ideas today so we can give you the best logo available for the money in Baton Rouge.